The Tots Table Weaning Workshop : June

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The Tots Table Weaning Workshop : June


A workshop from paediatric nutritional experts.

Join us for a special lunch deal £15 per head inc desert and mains. Book now.

Sponsored by Tots Table, a baby weaning subscription box providing dietician led meals and meal plans for your baby, delivered direct to your door. We use the freshest, best quality ingredients and flash freeze our meals to ensure maximum nutritional value for your baby and convenience for you.

Victoria Bittle is a paediatric dietician with over 10 years experience caring for babies in children. She is thrilled to be involved with Tots Tableand excited to share evidence-based knowledge, experience and help make meal times fun!

Samantha Cooney is a barrister, with a passion for food, being in the great outdoors and having lots of family fun! She founded Tots Table with Victoria whilst looking for a better way to wean to ensure her baby had the best start in life and had the chance to eat ‘real food’ with big flavours as early as possible!

Workshop content:

The Tots Table Weaning Workshop.

Weaning: the what, why and when.

•Weaning dilemmas.

•What to Introduce at each stage.

•Do’s and Dont’s of weaning.


•Encouraging healthy eating.

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