Mindful Mums Meditation Course

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Mindful Mums Meditation Course


We pleased to offer a six-week “ mindful mums” meditation course run by our very own Tooting applied neuroscientist, Dr Theresa Dzendrowskyj (Ph.D.), who specialises in mindfulness meditation for mums and mindful fertility.

This six-week course will cover what mindfulness meditation is along with some of the amazing benefits that can be tapped in to and how mindfulness meditation, along with being part of a group of like-minded individuals, can truly have an impact on sustaining a positive mindset and lasting behaviour change.

Theresa will share a brief overview of your thrive emotions and discuss brain health, physiological wellbeing and the importance of emotional regulation and stress reduction. Other topics covered throughout the six-weeks will include physical/emotional pain, habitual thinking, nurturing your wellbeing and gratitude and joy in the moment.

You will be guided through (up to five) different types of meditations which are techniques you can take home with you to calm the central nervous system, connect to your breath, and to yourself.

Courses will start on Tuesday 22 October either between 10.30-12.30 pm or 6.00-8.00 pm (or both) and will only run with a minimum number of 8 people.

Theresa is discounting the courses to run at the cost of £175 for the entire six weeks.
If you are interested to book or even would like to find out more, please contact Theresa

Email: theresa@sunflowerinnovations.com

Mobile: 07889150816

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