Interested in Operating your own Childsplay


Get in touch with our concept development team.

Childsplay is a unique concept, the only concept combining all the elements for a true family club. Somewhere all the family can enjoy for hours on end and make a home out of their own.

Childsplay offers two models, pure franchising and partnership based models. We would develop and operate a Childsplay in your locality with implementation of full concept through to staffing so the business is ready for you to simply monitor and develop. Our team remain available to support and market with our increasing market strength and awareness.

Franchises receive support through product, design, build, full branding and marketing. Our marketing team will ensure awareness across your local area and establish your initial class schedules and timetables filling-up your venue. We are launching a new menu that will be easy to replicate across all Childsplay venues with training and staff implementation with a low cost high return model.

Childsplay is offering franchises per branch or for master areas e.g South West London.

Childsplay Ventures is an opportunity for those who do not have the budget or capacity to take their own store but who wish to join part of the Childsplay Group. Investments are sharia compliant with no interest or debt carried within the companies and can be from £15,000.