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Why Montessori inspiration and what else is there?

After placing my child in a Montessori and seeing the incredible leap in her ability and interest in learning within days, I wanted to ensure that every child would have access to such a level of education despite that the cost means that Montessori nurseries are outside of the reach of most.

“Children are human beings to whom respect is due, superior to us by reason of their innocence and of the greater possibilities of their future.”Maria Montessori

At Childsplay we want to revive Maria Montessori’s vision that all children should have access to the best education and we believe this comes from age sensitive self-directed activities. Whilst they will have play areas with traditional softplay they will also have the opportunity to learn through self-directed Montessori tables and teaching support available through various sessions. We will add language sessions with Italian, Chinese and French already on our calendar and the space will facilitate discos, dance and much more. We will be making a calendar available with sessions which you can drop in to. You may access these via annual membership or a drop-in fee. Whilst your kids are in our brain gyms - which we will consistently be re-writing and re-scripting, you can enjoy our world class brasserie and wellness clinic.

We have a full softplay and a covered garden space with outdoor seating and play areas for the summer.


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Softplay Entry Ticket
from 2.50
Softplay Ticket Options:
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Supervised Children's Playtime and now Special Playgroup Offer!
from 4.00

At Childsplay we know how important your children are to you. That’s why we are offering you a supervised playtime service while you have a wellbeing or beauty treatment, attend a class or simply need some time to catchup on emails.

All our playtime staff are qualified practitoners and carry a certified DBS.

We provide care for up to per hour, you may book more hours by increasing the quantity of this service in your basket.

You can now also book the special offer of £4 including soft play access for children’s playgroup access 10-3pm every Tuesday to Friday! Drop in - tell all your friends and take supervision for 2 hours from just £11.

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Annual Play Pass

The new annual play pass includes:

  1. A year all access across any venue

  2. 10% off food and drink.

  3. 10% off wellness.

  4. Theatre play x 3 a week.

  5. Reading hour x 2 a day.

  6. Classes not included.

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