Introducing Nazani Tea London


When Childsplay first opened we new that coffee alone would not satisfy our ever expanind diverse audience. After exploring many options for Tea, we are proud to present Nazani Tea which is available to order as a refreshement and if you really enjoy the exquiste taste you can alos purchase the tea in store.


Nazani Tea was founded to adopt the same approach and meticulousness for tea to herbal tisanes. The brand is based on three principles – luxury, integrity and elegance (deliciae, integritas, elegantiam). Luxury is inherent in the rarity of the products supplied due to production methods, availability and growth area, providing a snapshot of where it was grown. Elegance is inherent in taking what would otherwise be a simple leaf or flower, treating it as a unique and special creation of nature, warming the heart and indulging the palette when infused.

Integrity is based on pillars of honesty, transparency and consistency. We know and love our Nazani Tea Family, from the farmers, foragers, to our ethnobotanist, and are working together with them to show you the loving steps taken to bring you your favourite infusion. Our tisanes are finite and will never be substituted – they will be ready when nature allows.

Nazani Tea is working to resurrect ancient herbal tisanes and is also focused on bringing exciting new concepts to the market and making tea history (including the introduction of a new type of mintcolour changing tisanes and the UK's first order-to-harvest service).

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