Our little guests enjoying their first try at Sushi

Our little guests enjoying their first try at Sushi

The Story behind Childsplay

I had a little girl with whom I would seek great places that could aesthetically excite as well as delight my taste buds. I never felt good after indulging in burgers and fatty foods or ice creams or some of the new trend places where food may look beautiful but tasted pretty awful. Many say you always dreamt of food and wellness and your passion for kids is just an obvious third leg to Childsplay.

As a mother you’re so often exhausted so you don’t have the energy to go out to the city to enjoy some of the finest food, you also don’t have the time or energy especially 2 kids plus to go seeking so far, so with the blessing of a super convenient location coming-up I decided that it was time to change this. Let’s create a world class dining experience - a brasserie style with the finest and considered food, play and ambience. Let’s bring a city spa experience to the venue so that we can give ourselves the best whilst our little ones always have the best.

We consider all our food carefully and source everything fresh, there’s no sugar in our kitchen! We actually haven’t added sugar to any dish - the most we would ever do is a touch of honey where required for certain and those are ‘treat dishes’. However, we promise you won’t even notice!

Since the initial stages of refining the concept we’ve had franchise interest from around the world and are looking to grow to Dubai and Lisbon in the coming months with a plan for at least 6 more locations in London in the next 6 months. Get in touch if you’re interested in becoming a Childsplay Partner.